Interview with Tom Dierkes & Diana DeBuhr from Hodges Badge Company about All Things Ribbons

Ever given much thought about where the ribbons you receive come from? You probably haven’t and that’s why we asked Tom Dierkes & Diana DeBuhr, from Hodges Badge Company, where we source all of the ribbons for our shows from, to join us. Listen as they give us the history behind Hodges, the painstaking process that goes into creating each and every ribbon, and so much more! Learn more about Hodges Badge […]

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Vandy Lipman, Pilates Teacher to the Equestrian Greats, Answers Pilates Questions

Don’t miss Vandy’s monthly podcast where she answers questions from Old Salem Farm followers. Everything from what is the most important body part for excellence in riding to what kind of exercises you can do for balance. And, if you have a question for next month’s podcast with Vandy, send it to us through our social media or website.


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Interview with Alexander Holt from Limitless Ventures

While Old Salem Farm is all about horses, our Spring Horse Show sponsor Limitless Ventures, gave us so much food for thought around investments with a unique approach to the companies they fund. Listen as Alexander Holt walks through his philosophy on what he wants to invest in; companies that provide support and sustenance around improving mental-behavioral health. Whether it’s real estate or pharmaceutical innovations for a better life, they are finding […]

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Interview with Robin Sweely and Ambulance attendant David Raisor about the HEART Ambulance

We talked with HEART Equine Ambulance President Robin Sweely and Ambulance attendant David Raisor about the importance of having an equine ambulance on-site at horse shows. You’ll find HEART at the Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows and you can even stop by and take a tour of the incredible ambulance.

You can learn more about HEART or donate here,

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Interview with Show Manager Lee McKeever

Throughout our Spring Horse Shows we’ve chatted with vets, grooms, and professionals, whose job it is to keep horses both on and off the show grounds safe, happy, and healthy. There is nothing more important than the welfare of the amazing horses we see at Old Salem Farm.

We sat down on Day 1 of the Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows with Lee McKeever, show manager for McLain Ward and Castle Hill […]

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Interview with Pilates Teacher Vandy Lipman

Have a listen as we chat with Pilates teacher Vandy Lipman, who works with some of the equestrian world’s top riders (yes, even an Olympian), as she gives us the advantages to training your body using Pilates to better work with your horse. It’s the first in a monthly series we will do around the importance of pilates and your success as a rider.

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Interview with Old Salem Farm Trainer Kara Raposa

Each month, our brand new Old Salem Farm podcast will feature riders, trainers, vets, and so much more. This month our guest is Old Salem’s own trainer, Kara Raposa. We hope you will take a listen as Kara talks with us about her immense experience as a rider working with some of the top riders in the world, her philosophy on training young students, and so much more.

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